the dotted line

this summer will resemble my others with student life very little. which is just what i need. the mix of people that are shuffled around, moved, and traded to finally make up a student life camp staff is unique to say the least and God breathed to say the truth. He has really out done himself this summer, these guys are amazing. 
im working through the challenges of my new position and finding more every minute. i can see the makings of quite possible the most rewarding and growth filled summer i have seen as a part of this organization.  i seems as though i have all the preliminary issues worked out, i know what i want, and the contract is in front of my waiting to be signed. why is it then, that our wants and desires dont often align? i suppose one could blame it on adam and eve, lucifer, or even society. in the end i imagine this step will be strikingly similar to other steps i have climbed in the past, only accomplish by surrendering to a divine will.
well, its time for another meeting. 
i think ill sign it pretty soon, its kinda one of those divorce/new hire contracts if you care to know.


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  1. Ooohh...you are a gifted writer Ryan....I am going to enjoy keeping up with you this summer. I can't wait to read about all the ways you are letting God use you! Love ya, Debbie