Whos Insecure? i-i-im not

for some time now i have been almost completely disinterested in casual and flippant conversations and relationships. in my mind, i have this mindset because i dont want to be fake with anyone. i know that there are some people in this world that i enjoy and many people in this world that i do not enjoy. realizing this allows me to focus my energies on the people that i care about and also care about me.
but perhaps my prideful focus is simply a display of insecurity. one could ask, "why would a guy avoid simple conversations with aquaintences and seek out "meaningful conversations" with people who also care about him?" maybe im hiding behind the security of relationships that are without consequence. relationships where no matter what i do or say, that person will not change there mind about who i really am.
so am i showing insecurity by not making small talk? or am i rising above the insecurity of our society by not trying to boost my ego with half-hearted compliments and lip service?

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