two paragraph teaser

today is one of those days that i really want to write. to process all that i have experienced, heard, and done. its been a full day.
full of hard work, stress, joy, encouragement, and bit of frustration. but im not sure if this is the proper medium to exchange these thoughts. i dont want this to become a open forum diary, so i think ill keep the unrefined thoughts to myself. ill just dangle them in front of you guys who care in a two paragraph teaser.
we are at the close of another week of camp. tomorrow we will leave the intensely dry heat of san angelo, texas and move eastward to the sweaty mess that is louisiana. its been a good week. my job is slowing down due to an ever-improving rec staff.
the ongoing saga with the feeble topple boards (one of our rec games) continues. ill be fixing them for the thousandth time before next camp, but i think i has finally found the solution. i also have a new nemesis. we had two girls hurt on our game with stilts. one of which ended in a hospital visit, the other created a furious father and caught the attention of the higher-ups around here. lets just hope this isnt a reoccurring phenomenon.

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