the 4th

so its sunday morning here in durango, co (and most of the rest of the world i suppose). these past few days our team has had some much-needed, much-appreciated, time off. we left louisiana tech university on wednesday and drove directly to arlington, texas. that night some of the team went to a texas rangers game, in which the rangers won over the angels thanks to a thrilling bottom of the ninth, full count, home run score.
the next day most of the team spent the day at six flags.
im realizing now why my last few posts have been much more abstract than this one, im boring myself.
but i do want to be able to read this one day and remember the incredible blessings, in relationships, experiences, and knowledge, that i received this summer...
so yeah, we went to six flags, it was fun.
albuquerque appeared like the mirage of a smoking hott brunet on the horizon at about 8pm the next day (im trying to spice up the details). not too surprisingly, despite all our history, i was excited to be back. we ate deserts at flying star and laughed under the neon lights of historic route 66, as though walking past those tattoo parlors, bars, and quirky coffee shops, in each others company, embraced everything we were searching for in a summer.
yesterday, we spent the afternoon at our final destination. durango knows how to do the 4th right. from parades, a live country western band, to street dancing, all set in the quintessential colorado downtown tourist trap. and to top it all off, we sat shoulder to shoulder (on prop stools from the set truck) in the glow of the firework show against the mountainside backdrop. the girls oo'ed and ahh'ed over each colorful burst and began to plan how they would incorporated fireworks in to their weddings, while the guys sat smiling and shaking their heads.
it was great.

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