banana gram hangovers

our time at ft lewis college has been packed with more ridiculous situations than a daytime soap... we should make a soap opera episode for our end of the year video...

i think our team has grown a lot during this time.

there are more questions rolling through my mind at this point than at any other moment, of any summer ive been a part of. and theyre rolling faster and faster around each turn of thought, threatening to collide in a mess of broken hopes and redirected ambition. im hoping theyre not all talk.

also, i may have slipped back into a summertime addiction. ive been waking up every morning with a banana gram hangover from the night before, head jumbled with random words, groggy from sleep deprivation, and stomach in turmoil from late night snacks that were slightly less than nutritious.

along those same lines, our team have discovered the texas taco at serious texas bbq here in durango. its youre basic artery clogger. pulled pork, cheesy potatoes, and jalopenos in a flour tortilla and covered with bbq sauce. if youre ever in town, it has my recommendation.

3 camps left. holy crap.

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