audibles from the sideline

life after camp this summer has been different than other summers. while every fall seems to be a "play it by ear" kind of thing for me, this year my ear has had a hard time hearing the audibles from the sideline. but God is faithful.
its been on my tongue for some time now, the idea that christians are not called to the "american dream". but i think God is finally teaching me what that means.
im going to north east texas to work with my uncle for a while. i dont know all the ways that He plans to use me there yet, but i know that He has work for me there. going there means i will not be going to school this semester, which troubles me more than i expected. i care what people think about my decisions. God must work differently in other christians lives, i guess that only makes sense.
to know that He has called you to something and acting on that calling, gives one more security than any degree could ever create.
this fall is also different because of the girl i took on a date last night. its been atypical so far in all the right ways. i think i have a lot to learn from her, if i dont ruin it.
its as if we both know there is something beautiful to uncover, under layers of time and knowledge, a prize that neither wants to disturb. so we surround it, discuss its whereabouts, and peel back layers one by anxious one.
this blog is not becoming a diary, just hang with me for a while...

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