after a long morning of driving, loading into the warehouse, and goodbyes, im on the surprise second leg of my flight to houston. we just stopped in new orleans and dropped off the gang of drunken sorority girls sitting across the aisle from me. klynn is in the window seat next to me listening to her ipod. she doesnt even look out the window. i love the window seat. jerk. im putting down my second cran-apple juice and trying to replay an exciting summer in my head.

there was the morning at lee university when alyssa changed my rec partners and i had to switch the rec leaders colors 5 minutes before orientation.

or the load-in at estes park colorado that will forever live in infamy as the snowy load-in of 2009.

or at the same location when kevin and i watched elk right by our porch. at like 6am. in our underwear.

and the kickball game under the lights of the oklahoma baptist intramural fields, while campers watched from all 4 stories of the adjacent building, cheering us on to victory over the student staffers...

now its time to go back into a world where Gods will seems harder to pinpoint and my will is crystal clear.

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