hour-like instants

its wasnt the greeting that i had envisioned in my mind after coming home from a 3 month trip, but i dont think God's timing has any trouble trumping my ideas of order and preference.
on our drive home from the airport my family and i received a call form my aunt saying that my cousin had likely been killed in a 4 wheeler accident. now i considered building the suspense a few more lines but i dont think thats fair... he did not die. hes in the icu in texarkana right now, his body outfitted with some of the finest equipment modern medicine has to offer: a ventilator, iv, and enough meds to keep him unconscious for a very long time.
he has a broken shoulder and road rash from head to toe, creating enough pain to require him to be unconscious, and creating enough scars that his chances of finding a hot wife went from "Unlikely" to "Maybe Pity Is Your Best Bet".
i speak of this lightly because we know now that there is no life threatening damage, because hes really tough, and, well, because hes an idiot.
but those long minutes and hour-like instants change you. he would have been the closest person to me to die. we grew up together. in the summers it was just me and him. our closest neighbors were farther away than our bikes were allowed to take us, so it was just us.
today hes been known for his share of screw ups but anyone could tell you hes a great guy at heart.
i just hope theres a way he can avoid doing time when he gets out of the hospital. i wish that was a joke.

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