i just want something to move me.

one of my favorite things to do is to change my guitar strings.
it has a therapeutic aspect to it but the part i love comes from the expectancy of the first note the strings make. its a crisp, smooth, light, yet heavy enough to send chills through my body. in a moment my guitar, the one ive had for 7 years and heard trillions of notes resonate from, becomes new all over again.
the other day i was playing my guitar at my grandmaws house and my aunt asked me if i was practicing. to be honest, it was kind of insulting. not that im so good that i dont need to practice, that couldnt be further from the truth. i dont pluck the strings to become more skilled.
i play for those moments when my fingers find a tune that takes me by surprise.
i just want something to move me.
the thought of playing just to become more proficient seems so shallow.
i think our christian lives should be more like this too. less legalism. more passion.

ive also been thinking about that matchbox twenty song, bright lights. not the whole song, but one line in particular.
i think in some way people are actually looking for scars they can talk about. if i was looking, it was purely subconscious though.


  1. You are right on one thing...practice is something you don't really need. Love reading your thoughts...

  2. Agreed. I was thinking about this the other day. A member of my previous church knew so much about music, but for her it was all about playing every note exactly as it was penned.

    I don't claim to be anything more than an artist and music enthusiast, but I think that concept misses the point. Even if every note is played with perfect precision, if it doesn't move you...then what's the point? Music for me is all about the experience, that feeling you get from deep inside you. I think it's something elemental. Something deep in our being. Being made in the image of the creator God means that we have something in us that loves to create, and to express ourselves. I think that's what music is in its purist form.

    I've got a good book I haven't finished yet. It's called Theology, Music, and Time. It's pretty technical, but it talks about Jazz music and how that style of creative music is like God. Very interesting.

    Good thoughts my friend. Grace and Peace.