same truth, different shadows.

were finishing this thing up at palm beach atlantic university in west palm beach florida. while sitting in the back of the worship room, a thought came to me that i need to get into text before i lose it.
a few weeks ago my rec staff and i had a very productive "end of the summer" type meeting. i try to make sure we dont have many meetings, mainly cause i get tired of fighting the side conversations. love those guys , gonna miss them a lot, ADD and all.
the meeting was centered around the idea that if we are not becoming a better rec staff, we are becoming a worse rec staff. we could continue to go throughout the summer doing our jobs well or we could continue to seek excellence and improve everyday.
we shared our struggles, encouraged each other, and prayed together. very touching. the kinda stuff lifetime movies are made of.
but right now im thinking how this is a truth that all Christians should embrace. i think this should be one of our distinguishing qualities.
a few weeks ago at oklahoma baptist university, neil mcclendon said something that has stuck with me. he said that Christians used to be known for and could be identified by their work ethic. Christians were dedicated to their labor and performed their tasks with integrity and excellence. this idea should be taught in our american churches.
but this isnt specific to our jobs, because complacency rots your whole self. physical, mental, and spiritual.
it just makes sense. we as Christians are alive, the world is dead. we have hope, the world has despair. but do we act like it?
i know for me, if i am not seeking Gods will for my life and the righteousness that He has called me to, there is very little happiness in my life. because God did not create us to be complacent. like a runner, who was born to race, that has made a detour halfway through his final marathon to have dinner with his mother-in-law.
if youre not running, youre sliding down a slippery slope towards sin.
its funny how something you have taked about all your life is uncovered in a new light. same truth, different shadows.

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