the north face

im no photographer, but im convinced that almost every photo is better with a person in it.
we bring perspective to photos, and a story that each viewer can imagine for themselves.
i love the ones on the north face website. adventurers trek miles into remote territories, packing heavy cameras and other equipment, to discover landscapes that would make even a mommas boy detest their cozy suburbia.
i imagine the hike that brought them to the location and the excitement that consumed them the weeks before they put their boots to the snow. and that they had to survive a great storm that left them with no food for three days until the rescue crews found them, their sweet north face clothing, and the one roll of film they managed to save.
(its one of my life dreams that i would be able to survive a survival situation and have heroic stories to tell about my adventure. stories that that even i couldnt ruin. im just not a good story teller.)
but its the contrast between nature and man that is so powerful to me. the little men, head to toe in the latest and coolest north face gear, become beautifully insignificant amidst the glories of an awesome God.
i love seeing creation towering over mankinds self-righteousness.
on the opposite side of that idea, i think God likes pictures with people in them too. that really makes Him who He is. a brilliantly inconceivable deity, who calls the stars by name, the maker of love, music, logic, and grace. He knows me. He wants me to be in the picture.

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