that is just part of the give and take.

i had the great privilege of being a part of a weekend retreat for the youth group of an old friend labor day weekend. i hope it was a beneficial experience for the students that attended, but i know it was good for me.

it was good to travel to austin, great to be on the road and in a cool city. it was great to play some music with a great guitarist and worship leader, and i got to try out some new ideas musically that turned out really sweet (if i do say so myself...). i needed those things. i need to feel inspired in order to function well. i need to ponder in order to keep my mind on track.

the guy leading worship has issues, but he does harbor some pretty interesting ideas. every time we get together we always seem to get into these discussions about the christian church and our, ever so, humble critiques of the institution. normally i hate these conversations, most likely because those that want to discuss this are typically arrogant college students who somehow imagine that their a minus in an intro to new testament class gives them the credentials to revolutionize the american christian church with “new” ideas about how it how should should operate and ultimately cater to their “needs”. but these conversations arnt like that. they do turn into arguments on a fairly regular basis, but that is just part of the give and take.

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