ive been reading my friends blog lately

ive been reading my friends blog lately. http://brett-land.blogspot.com/ feel free to check it out, and ladies hes single by the way.
ever since ive known him hes been struggling with what it is that God wants him to become. we have that in common.
in our america, laboring through the torrent of careers and dreams, each with their seemingly life or death stakes, is the trademark of this season of life.  but i dont believe that should be the fate of a 20-something that is impersonating Christ.
heres one thing i know. in a sea of measurless options and possibilities, successes and failures, i am meant to create. its not much of a direction in life but its a start i suppose. thats what God has given me and apparently thats all i need right now.
i love to look back on some of my older posts and think about that time, those thoughts. and so i want to record some of my projects as well.

this is a djembe stand i just finished for a friend of mine.  it was a lot of fun. its a new trend so it was definitely a new project for me, lots of brainstorming and development. merry christmas.

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  1. Haha thanks for the plug (not for my blog but for the ladies).

    I love reading your blog, my friend. A week or two ago I read all the ones you posted during the summer. Keep writing. I will keep reading.