Community. Thursdays on NBC.

Community on NBC. Thursday's at 7. You should watch. The Church should watch.
It's so cool to me how God orchestrates every minute of our existence into a beautiful particle of Redemptions Story. Like how a few weeks ago I found Blue Like Jazz in the storage building where I keep all my stuff (well some of it is at Andrew's house, thanks man). I read it in high school but decided to read it again.
I tend to read books a little at a time. Right now Im in the middle of four books.
But back to my point, reading the chapter of Blue Like Jazz when Miller lives with the hippies, while watching Community proved to be a powerful way for God to get His point across.
Just like the hippies, those community college students have a created something i have always, obliviously wanted. Something more caring, more accepting than any Christian community I've ever been apart of. And the difference is unconditional vs. conditional love.
For the last four summers I've served with a summer camp staff doing ministry throughout the states. When I was a camper attending these camps, I thought the staff members must be the most divinly inspired individuals in the world I would imagine the prospective staff hopefulls going through a spiritual boot camp of sorts, complete with bible drills, fasting competitions, and of course written exams that test their knowlege of obscure biblical texts. (upon applying I would find out that this was only partially true cause there was also a coolness test that trumped all other assessments)
The truth is that the staffs ive served on were solid. People of character and conviction. Yet it never failed that each summer the staff would single out someone that didn't seem to belong and thus withhold our love until that person had learned their lesson.
Only it doesn't work that way.
None of the "normal" staff would have labled our actions that way then, but that's the way it looks in hindsight. And you know what they say about hindsight.
I've been guilty of this my whole life. And somehow perversely proud of it. Holding grudges was my thing. that little girl crawling through the tv in that movie, her issues seemed like a mere temper tantrum compared to my bitterness. I don't want to be that guy anymore.
I want to show and experience unconditional love through human interaction and a further realize the source of that love; Jesus Christ.
I'm changing and this is good.

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