im not wearing Toms yet...

i think my dad thinks i have a not-so-personal vendetta against the local church.
hes a brilliant pastor at a beautiful church in south texas. his ability to lead and love people, despite their resistance, is something remarkable. something i hope to possess someday.
my dad believes in the power of the church body. and for good reason.
we often talk about church. every conversation just seems to end up there and let me tell you weve had our share of disagreements over this topic. a lot of this stems from one issue in my spiritual life that i most likely exaggerate in my avoidance of it.
as i look at the churches ive been apart of; i see cowardice. i see people hiding behind institutions (church programs, groups, and ideals) to legitimize their actions, petrified of embracing a personal conviction to the call of Christ.
the Church is a powerful tool to spread the Gospel, but, to me, true change happens through inward passions and convictions. i think this is the sort of faith that makes "church goers" cringe. i dont want to simply attend church, i attend work... i want to be consumed.
i know this is not all members of the Body, but through this thinking, i confess, ive fostered an unhealthy distaste for "church outreach".
i supposed my passions in this area and my input into the discussions my dad and i have are just apart of Redemption's continual story. otherwise im just another 20-something church brat attempting to "fix" the church. oh man i hope im not one of those. im not wearing Toms yet, and i dont have a tatoo of scripture written in greek on my wrist... so thats a good sign. haha, that was wrong...

ps. if you read that last post i am very impressed. it was pretty long.

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