The Alchemist

I quit my job last week.
I'm fairly certain it would have been hypocrisy to have stayed there any longer. It wasn't the job, the job was a huge blessing. not pursuing what Paulo Coelho calls my "Personal Legend" was the problem.
That's right, a novel, The Alchemist, made me quit my job. (in conjunction with the Holy Spirit, of course)
The novel is the story of a boy who has a vision. In his vision he sees a treasure near the pyrmids of Egypt and so leaves Spain, his sheep, and all he knows to find it.
It's a fable. Not so much like Animal Farm or Charlotte's Web though. In this fable Coelho personifies all of creation, thus creating a wonderfully foreign, yet deeply familiar, journey for the boy and reader. I recomend it. I've read it three times.
It's message resonates in the unfurnished chambers of my heart. It screams, "go and be!", not, "stay and remain". You would need to read the book to truly see where I'm coming from, but basically my "Personal Legend" wasn't being sought. I don't actually know what mine is, but at least now Im actively seeking it.
Every friday when I got paid, I saw myself, two summers ago, standing in front of a couple hundred junior high and high school students passionately giving a devotional about the emptiness to be found in the treasures of this world. Not that there is anything wrong with getting paid, I just know God wants me to live for more than a paycheck. To live for more than comforts and security.
In more practical terms, I've saved enought money to survive till may when I go back to work with student life. I'll be working a few days a week on a cabin outside of Hempstead, Texas and the rest of my days will be spent exploring my God-given passions and getting moved in to my home on wheels.
I'm poor again and it's actually very refreshing.
Consider yourself updated on my life.

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  1. So I just bought The Alchemist on your recommendation and description. It sounds good, but if it sucks, I'm sending you the bill. I'm also searching for something to satisfy my passions as well. I don't know if that helps, but sometimes it's nice to know that you aren't searching alone.

    If your wanderings ever lead you to Colorado, you've got a place to crash in Denver.

    Grace and peace friend.