Cue slap bass.

Sometimes I feel like my life is a Seinfeld episode.
Myself (Playing the part of Jerry, of course) and the rest of the cast go about our ridiculous day-to-day storylines, and somehow unite around a specific theme, our sub-plots intertwined, before the credits roll on a climactic still shot. Cue slap bass.
What I mean is that my days seem to carry themes in their happenings. Perhaps this is why we can relate to sit-coms so well.
Themes such as, the power of God's Word. That was last weekends theme.
I left the piney woods, crossed over the Louisiana state line and headed down south to Pineville, LA to accompany a friend of mine as he lead worship for a disciple now at the first baptist church.
Lately I've been reading through Matthew as though it were a novel, not a divine problem solver or the topic of my next religious debate. I just want to hear the story of redemption. Jesus, merely as a character, becomes more and more amazing each time I read and this experience has begun to change the way I interact with scripture. But this is just one element of this theme.
While at the dnow, some of us went to see The Book Of Eli. I was blown away. Does Hollywood have more faith in the Word of God than believers?
To further convey the message, verses were read aloud from the stage on Sunday morning. We played Tell Me Story of Jesus and following each verse a student read a verse that told the story of Christ's life here on earth. I wept behind my djembe kit at the power of the Words.
I think God likes to reveal truth to me in this way. Like little thematic tidbits on life.
I've never really asked for input on my blog before but I'd like to know if you have felt the same.

I think I'll take this paragraph as an opportunity to recognize a few of the cast members in my version of Seinfeld. The part of Elaine is played by Jill. For obvious reasons, but also cause we have a history. (Crucial to the part.) George is currently being played by Andrew. That could be taken as an insult but I don't actually know anyone as pathetic as George so I make this paralell based solely on our long standing friendship. David will be playing the role of Cramer. David you may not see the similarities but I assure you Amy does.
I would also like to point out that I am not responsible for the casting. If you have complaints, take them up with my Creator.
Like Derek Webb says, " you can't chose your friends but you can chose your enemies."
If would have cast it Rachel McAdams would play Elaine. Sorry Jill. I'd find another part for you.
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  1. My theme lately has been, "God is truth, but I believe a lot of lies. Thanks for helping me work on that, Jesus."

    I realize neither of us have any say in it, but can I play The Drake? I love The Drake!

    I hate The Drake.