the crowd will wave their lighters in approval.

where are you not?
i saw your smile tonight at the concert. i found it parading through the crowd on a young boy's face as he danced to the rhythm of his innocence and john mark mcmillian's carolina rock. it made me smile too.
you were at dinner too. your laughter found me, a few tables away, in the company of too few friends.
years ago i thought i was a paul. that there was no you for me. and that i would be ok with that. that my kingdom didnt need a queen. maybe that was just my ego hoping my life and calling could be more specialer than everyone else's (this is quite typical). but no. i am absolutely not a paul. i am man who waits, in expectancy, the day your path stumbles upon mine.
after two verses of ballading anticipation, OUR chorus will crescendo into chilling harmony and the crowd will wave their lighters in approval.
im thinking of you tonight.

if you like singer/songwriters of the hooky and cute variety, check out jillian edwards.

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