Seven Hours Souther

i spent this last week exactly where i was meant to be.
God and I decided that place was on the texas/mexico border, building a house.
a few members of our church took the seven hour road trip down south to edinburg, tx. its still amazes me that i can start driving in south texas (houston) and drive seven hours souther (yeah thats a word now)(why? cause i like it) and never leave the state. though we were very close. my phone even switched to an international cell tower at one point.
the valley is great. (for you non-texans, thats what we call the border area and what i now call “souther” texas. cause i like it)
why the valley is great: reason number one is stripes. the stripes gas stations in the valley will change your life. after experiencing them you will henceforth harbor hostility towards all other stations. authentic mexican food made to order, fresh tortillas, fresh local fruit bar, rows of mexican and american coffees, all at convenient store prices. reason number two is the weather. produce comes out of the valley, by the truck loads, year-round. oranges, watermelons, you name it. reason number three is culture. it kinda feels like mexico in the valley. im addicted to travel and experiences in foreign areas and being down there gives you a bit of that thrill. i like going into a store that doesnt have an english word in it, spoken or written, and getting to use my weak language skills. and attending a spanish church service that assures you God is working all over the world, in every language and in all cultures.
but this trip was great for me personally as well. this week i saw clearly why God has made my path to twist and wind the way it has, why ive been learning to be a builder on job sites and not learning to be a professional money maker in a classroom these past few semesters.
my dad said in one of his sermons a while back that we should be looking for the ways God can use the most of us. i think thats truth. and i think that God used a lot of me this week. a whole lot.
ive felt the same about student life since the first summer i worked. i told my sister on the phone that summer that it seemed as though all my lifes experiences had led up to my work there.
so ill continue to seek those places where God can utilize the most of me. cause God and i like those places. 

here are the AFTER pics of the house we built. for the BEFORE, imagine nothing.

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