I'd Love To Try Jesus's Wine

i wonder why he didnt change the water into lemonade, grape juice or sweet tea? arent those the mandated beverages of the church? wine? really Jesus?
as a kid, my church did vacation bible school every summer and mrs. stokes was one of the old ladies that helped corral us youngsters. i truly believe that mrs. stokes was under the delusion that the amount of lemonade mix she put into the coolers for refreshment time had a direct effect on the number of children that found Christ that day. so she made it strong. she served the potion in small cups and only filled them halfway. needless to say, i knew what shots were like long before id ever tasted alcohol. we'd toss those solo cups back, wincing until the burn subsided. then me and my boys would order another round, which mrs. stokes would serve with a smile.
perhaps she was simply following the ways of Christ, he was apparently a master of fruit-based drinks as well. (of course, he is also THE master of everything else too). generally speaking, i think wine is one of the worst things i can allow to contact my tongue, but i would love to try Jesus's wine.
i wonder what it tasted like. theres something so fascinating to me about Jesus performing this miracle. beyond the fact that most of our Protestant american churches today would ask him to leave after pulling a stunt like this, theres the fact that Jesus chose to make his first demonstration of his Son of Godness taking one of his most beautiful creations (water) and turning it into such a worldly, man-made, beverage. to me, this is the essence of who Jesus and God is. (gramatical error used for emphasis on the oneness of Trinity)
so God, Creator of the universe, decides to take his most magnificent creation, a version of himself, and turn him into a man. to be consumed by the creation he loves, despite their repeated adultery.
Jesus came to be apart of the human race and you can see these qualities in him in this passage in john chapter two.
i love to read the bible and see myself or my family in the characters. though the text is thousands of years old i can see my mom and i in this passage just as if it was wrote about us. mary knows that her son can supply the party with wine, so she prods him to show the world. and it works. mary tells the Son of God, the Messiah, to begin his ministry on earth and he does. amazing. but i love is that Jesus didnt do so without argument.
when i was in junior high my mom wanted me to take band class for my elective at school. she was in band and she thought that i had musical talent of some sort so she really wanted me to try it. i didnt want to. i was starting athletics that year and had just started getting some peach fuzz on my upper lip so i didnt see the need for such girly behavior. but i did try band because she made me consider it and now im so thankful. im not using much of what i learned in that class today, but music has been huge in my development as a person and a christian, and that was the beginning.
so, in conclusion, Jesus made great wine, the Trinity is so cool, and moms are great.

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