Want and Hate

I'm spending a lot of time in the cab of a penske truck these days. Yesterday, we drove from Ruston, LA to Perry, OK, where we spent the night on our way to Estes Park, CO. After an hour of recapping the previous week of camp, my co driver and I started telling stories about girls we dated who now hate us. Well, the story time didn't last very long, but an idea came out of it that I'm begining to wrap my head around.
You can't hate someone without wanting something from them.
Ex-girlfriends don't hate their ex-boyfriends unless they still want them and/or the personal validation that the relationship gave them. Children sometimes hate their parents when the approval and love they so want is seemingly missing. Whites during the Civil Rights Movement hated the African Americans because they wanted to keep the feeling of supremacy that wide-spread racism afforded them. And the Jewish people hated and crucified Christ because they wanted redemption, sadly their desire for a Savior was overshadowed by their sinful desires.
I want to be hated.
I guess everyone wants to have something that others want and i suppose thats the same reason some people abuse their power and wealth, but I want my something to be Christ living in me.