Psalm 51:12

if you have not had the privilege of meeting my sisters, stop what you are doing and make it happen.
seriously, do it. you will love them.
i had the privilege of meeting both of them at an early age. k'lynn first, then hannah about 10 years later. met them both in a hospital, come to think of it...
last wednesday night i got to hang out with k'lynn as she worked in the nursery at our church. she is one of the few women in the church that are brave enough volunteer for such a position. and she does it so well. those kids think she is a god.
i watched from my seat on the colorful foam mats as they crowded around her and begged her, in their cute voices, to read them books. she sat down and they quickly climbed into her lap. they were so excited. she knew all their favorite books and even their favorite lines in each. it was as if she were mother goose.
i was not as popular as my sister in the nursery. as a matter of fact, when k'lynn left the room at one point in the night, maylee ran to the corner and buried her head in the carpet. she was terrified of me. i tried to imitate my sisters voice as i assured her that i was a good guy, but she wasnt having it.
i'll fast forward through the tears to happier times, later on the playground. the rest of this story is a series of sermon illustrations and psychological theory put into motion that i wont try to decode. what i took from it was much more simplistic.
maylee has a friend named braden. they are about the same age and will probably marry each other one day. hes real quiet, but she says enough for the both of them. i think they work well together.
maylee wanted to be pushed down the slide and braden was quite happy to be the pusher. however, he did not want to be pushed. he also did not see the need to communicate this with maylee. so she would get to the bottom of the slide and yell, “im coming, braden!”, but he would slide down himself before maylee could get back to the top to push him. k'lynn and i thought this was hilarious. but maylee didnt care. she just wanted braden to push her down the slide.
she could not contain her excitement while she waited on him to climb back up to the top. she would kick her feet on the slide and tell k'lynn and i, “hes coming, hes coming!”.
she celebrated every step he made in her direction and when he finally emerged from the tunnel and onto the platform, she would look at me and say, “he made it!”. this went on for 15 minutes and i was mesmerized.
i dont get that excited about anything.
why dont i?
im praying that God will restore unto me any joy that i may have lost over the years -Psalm 51:12. im praying that my joy will be a clear reflection of what God has done in my life. i have so much to be thankful for, so much cause for celebration.
im also praying for other, obvious, parallels.