Recent Projects

Chair I made to take my mind off the monotony of the lawnmower cases I was building.

This is a bookshelf I built for my sister, K'Lynn, for Christmas 2010. It is made from an old paned door. 

Here is that bookshelf "under the tree". To the right of it is a shelf I made for my other sister, Hannah.  It is made of an old window.

This is a project I worked on at work for our Missions Camp. We travel with push-mowers and these are the cases I built to protect them. 

In progress.

This is the finished product. They are inter-locking and on casters. Made of 5/8 pine plywood. www.studentlife.com

This is a project for my 3D Design class at UAB. Made of Luan plywood. The purpose of the project was to explore planes.

This is a bar that I built in my dining room. Made of aged cedar.
This is a rolling book cart I built for my friend, Nick. He is a seminary student and reads a lot. 

Here is the finished product. Made of pine. 

This is a old church pew that a friend gave me. I had to cut it in half to get it out of the house, which was fine because I wanted to shorten it anyways. 

Before reupholstered.

Finished product. Upholstery by Courtney Palmer.

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