McLeod, TX - A Photo Essay / Part One

My family has called McLeod, TX home for many years. While my immediate family has not lived there for the last 16 years, we know that our roots will always be in this tiny north-east Texas town of 360 people just across the Louisiana line. 
We all used to live on one big plot of land before our family moved away. Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, all within walking distance of one another and with very few other neighbors. Everyone still lives there today, minus the five of us. 
Here is part one of a look at my family's land in McLeod, TX.

A rope swing tied to a massive oak tree outside my grandparent's house. The kids of my family have put some major wear-and-tear on that rope over the years.

My grandpaw's turnip greens. When we were all kids he planted acres of peas, watermelons, corn, and lots of other smaller crops. Now he's a little older. Just this small garden. 

The lumber rack outside my grandpaw's shop.  I can thank him for teaching my dad, who then taught me, the joy of woodworking and construction. 

Sweet tea from a mason jar. Thanksgiving table decorations in mason jars.

We always eat holiday meals in "the cook shed", a large lean-to porch that has turned into a sunroom/kitchen/game room/family room/diner (complete with booths). Thanksgiving table decorations by K'Lynn and Hannah Childress

My cousin's horse. When my family lived in McLeod, we also had horses. Miss being around these animals. 

The outside of "the Cook Shed".
Cow. He thinks he's a horse, though. 


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