McLeod, TX - A Photo Essay / Part Two

Here is Part 2 of the McLeod, TX photo essay. I wanted to give people some visuals to match the stories I have told them about this place over the years. While these don't begin to show all the reasons this is home to me and my family, I hope that you can get a small look at this community that has played a huge role in my upbringing. 

This is my grandparents front yard, where we used to hunt Easter eggs, ride bikes, etc...

Front yard.

You can only truly know the significance of this picture if you are a member of my family, but basically this is my Grandpaw's chair in the cook shed. You can find him here everyday, ignoring the tv and/or waiting on something while he is cooking. They have a den, but they literally never use it.

Tractors for mowing the grass, planting seed, etc.

My Grandmaw's lawn decor. He's supposed to have a fishing pole in his hands, but a storm must have blew it away. 

My cousin, Hunter, squirrel hunting with Jake's son. Jake is the one riding up on the horse down the trail. 

My cousin, Cydni, and her baby, Kam. My grandpaw is trying to get him to come to him with his favorite baby line, "You want to go fishing? Let's go fishing!".

MawMaw and PawPaw. 

Doing the dishes together in the cook shed.

A stuffed duck hanging from a deer antler chandelier at my aunt's house.

Front porch decor.

Hunter saddling his horse.

Round pen for the horses.

My cousin and his girlfriend riding.

The whole family. Four generations shown here.

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