The Kenyan Masai Mara: A Must For Every Bucket-List

February is fast-approaching and I am getting really excited about going back to Kenya with Compassion International. I loved every part of our trip last year. It was an eye-opening look at poverty and God's beautiful creation. To conclude our trip, we visited the Masai Mara for a safari.
I had no idea what to expect going into this safari, but it was easily one of the most incredible two days of sights I have ever seen. Natures most beautiful animals free to roam under the protection of the reserve. Zoos in the States have never been the same since.
We left Nairobi on a small prop plane and landed on remote two dirt runways, dropping off one or two passengers at each, before arriving at the national reserve where we would stay for the night. We stayed two nights in paradise. I haven't talked much about this place to people because I kinda felt bad. Some of our staff didn't get to go on this trip and I got to go for free, so I didn't want to make a big deal of it. The safari camp was called Olonana. This is what my room looked like. The porch overlooks a river that produces a constant soundtrack that will lull you into a deep slumber.

Check out more pictures of their accommodations here.

Olonana is an all-inclusive safari camp located just outside of the national park. Their guides are the best in the business and their safari trucks are far superior to the others that we saw while in the park. (Not to mention that they were always stocked with glass bottled sodas in a cooler.) Our guide, Boniface, was extremely knowledgeable and very fun to ride with (pictured below).
The meals at Olonana are spectacular. They have top-notch chefs and some of the best views on the Masai Mara. Hippos are usually bathing in the river that is a few hundred feet from your dining table and one afternoon we saw elephants walking just beyond the river (picture below)
So to further relive this experience I'm posting these pictures with limited commentary. Hope you enjoy these photos and I hope you go see this awe-inspiring work of our Creator for yourself!

Maasai shepherd.

Bowen, or "Safari Bo" as we called him throughout the trip

Cheetah napping in the shade.

This is Boniface, our guide on our sunrise drive. He could spot a cheetah, lion, etc from ridiculous distances. 

Sunrise on the Masai Mara

Elephant grazing as we ate our lunch.

Lions napping in the shade.


On our way via dirt runways.

At a market.

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