El Yunque National Forest: Puerto Rico

For the final adventure of our Puerto Rican backpacking trip we visited El Yunque National Forest. El Yunque is the only tropical rain forest in the United States and the only tropical rain forest I have ever seen. On two of my trips to Honduras I visited La Tigre, a cloud forest outside of Tegucigalpa, but it is basically a big forest where it rains a lot. El Yunque is unlike anything I have ever seen.
Located south of the Tropic of Cancer, El Yunque has a year-round growing season. The canopy overhead is thick and the humidity was intense while we were there. The trees were incredible, some looked like they were upside-down in the ground and all were covered in thick moss. 

I'm pretty out of focus here, but the waterfall was the true star of the shot anyway. 

Yokahu Tower

View on the way up Yokahu Tower.

Looking out to the coast.

Puerto Rican kid swimming in the pool beneath the falls. 

We hiked as far up the mountain as the park would allow that day to this tower. We were in the clouds and visibility was virtually zero. 

Looking out from the top of the tower into the clouds. 

Every so often it seemed like the gray clouds were going to roll away around us and reveal the rest of the blue sky, but it never happened. We still knew it was there though. 

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  1. Which waterfall or trail is the one where you have the caption "Puerto Rican kid swimming in the pool beneath the falls."