The Official Night and Day Rules

About a year ago I created a travel game that has started to slowly spread across the country. There are at least 5 people playing it in like 3 states. Step aside, license plate game. So in light of its popularity, I have felt the need to standardize the game by instituting The Official Night and Day rules.
If you have never played you know that this is a simple, time-killing, word game. Don't expect a game of strategy on par with RISK. Enjoy the simplicity of a game of opposites next time you and your friends are on a road trip and conversation dies down or anytime your bored together. Happy travels.


OBJECTIVE: To create, and voice, accurate sets of opposites that the Moderator agrees with and to be the player with the least number of wrong answers when the game ends (or you arrive at your destination).

  1. You must begin every game with, "It's like night and day."
  2. The next person in rotation must begin by saying "It's like..." then say a set of opposites and the first letter of the first word must begin with the first letter of the last word said by the person before them. For example: "It's like night and Day"... "It's like Dirty and clean."
  3. There is no time limit, but you only get 5 wrong answers before you are out.
  4. The Moderator (player with the most experience) must operate to maintain the integrity of the game. For example CATS AND DOGS ARE NOT OPPOSITES. They are two separate species and do not fall on opposite ends of any spectrum, the Moderator must inform the player that this answer is unacceptable.  
  5. If the Moderators set of opposites is in question, the other players must vote or decide together if it will play or not. 
  6. If your both of the words in you set begin with the same number the rotation is reversed.
ORIGIN: About a year ago I was on a road trip with a friend and I used the phrase, "it's night and day", referring to differences in two things, twice in about an hour. This friend doesn't let me get away with anything, so she quickly pointed out my repetitiveness.
So I tried to come up with another comparison to replace "night and day", and after a minute I found one. And then she came up with one too. We realized it was fun, so we came up with others. And the rest is history...

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