Tornado Relief Work: Clay, AL

Today I went to Clay, AL with some friends to help with the tornado clean-up efforts. They were hit with an F3 tornado 6 days ago leaving behind a trail of destruction and one lost life. We were working very near where a young girl was killed in the middle of the night as the tornado came through, taking her a few hundred yards from her house. She died on impact.
While we cleaned up fallen trees, many were sorting through their belongings among a pile of splintered wood and debris just down the street. The destruction was unbelievable, I was able to get some pics of the area we worked at, but there were other neighborhoods that were much worse.
Alabama led the nation in tornados in 2011 and so far we are leading in 2012 as well.

As we drove in.

Blue tarps everywhere.

The before shot of the area we worked in. I didn't take a real after, but we cleared all those trees and more to the left of this shot.

Our volunteer coordinator, on the left. Looks very official with the hard hat. 

Still in awe of how wind could snap a tree like this.

Massive tree.


Life goes on.

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