KE-715: Compassion Kenya Vision Trip 2012

This week the Student Life directors and event coordinators are in Kenya for a Compassion International vision trip. The purpose of this week is to see firsthand what Compassion does on the ground in developing countries to "release children from poverty in Jesus' name"so we can go back to the states as educated and passionate advocates for Compassion. This is my second vision trip with them and let me tell you their advocacy strategy works. I cannot help but speak about what I have seen and heard. 
Today we visited project KE-715 in Nairobi. A little background: All Compassion projects are run through the local church, so in the pictures here you will see no Compassion banners or branding. I love this about them. They work to spread Jesus' name, not their own. This project was full of life and joy, truly a refreshing time for us all. Grace, the Project Director, spoke so passionately about her role there and the children's successes. Not only are the children growing and learning, but this project is also holds three consecutive Compassion Kenya Soccer Tournament trophies. She said one thing that I wanted to share with as many people as possible. "When you go back, tell them (child sponsors) that they are not giving in vain." She right. I see it at every project I visit. Compassion International is giving children hope and a future, rooted in Christ's love for them. 

Little guy enjoyed his snack and saved some for later on his face.
The churches training center where they teach men and women weaving.

This is a picture after our visit to a Compassion sponsored child's home. Elizabeth was at school, but her mother, Salome, welcomed us in and answered our questions. Salome is the woman holding the baby in the red shirt. Though the house was very small and primitively built, they lived in a nicer home in comparison to most we have seen in the slums. 
Salome is a single mother of seven children. The father of the children left her when she was diagnosed HIV positive in 2005. The rent for this one room home is about $25 a month. 

A stream in the slum. Clean drinking water is a major issue for most living in slums. 

On the walk back to the project.

Meet Joseck, one of the nine LDP students applying to travel with us this summer and speak on behalf of Compassion at our camps. We have enjoyed spending time with all of them this week.

More trip updates to come...

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