Fenway Park, Boston

On our last day in Boston we toured the oldest field in major league baseball, Fenway Park. Now, I am not a huge baseball fan, and certainly not a Red Socks fan, but this tour was amazing. If you go to Boston, it's a must see attraction. I'll try to recall the historical high-points for you to read as you look through the pictures. 

Built in 1912, this field still looks basically the same as the day it opened. 

From the outside it looks tiny. Right in the middle of the city, it's very unassuming. 

The area surrounding the ball park is great. Nightlife, souvenirs, etc.

In the window of a radio station housed inside the park. 

Doing renovations in the offseason.

The first place the tour takes you is to the Green Monster seats. 
View from the Green Monster seats.  

The Green Monster is a popular nickname for the thirty-seven foot, two-inch high left field wall. Seats were added later on top of it, though they aren't the safest seats. Right-handed hitters hit directly at these seats quite often.

This was our tour guide, Louie. Thick Boston accent and knew everything there is to know about the "pahk" and the Red Socks. 
You should ask for him if you go. There was a young guy leading the tour that came in after us and there is no way it could have been as good. 

On our way to the Press Box.

From the Press Box. Great view of the Green Monster in left field. 

The oldest seats in baseball. These are the original wooden seats that were in the park the day it opened. They are hard, very close to each other, and mostly uncomfortable, but you feel like you're apart of history while sitting in them.

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