5 Reasons Why Flannel is the Perfect Fabric

Fall is here and here are 5 reasons flannel is the perfect fabric for your fall/winter wardrobe. 

No. 1: PLAID

Its a proven fact that plaid is the greatest pattern ever created. 10 out of 10 experts agree, look it up. Originating in Scotland in the 16th century, plaid has a rich history. In the early days different colors of plaid distinguished one's homeland. This is because the weavers of each region had there own style. Since then it has been tied to militaries, clans, and many royal families.
Basically, plaid, or "tartan" as they call it in the UK, has not gone out of style in over 300 years. That's my kinda style.

100% of flannel is made with a plaid pattern. 
Plaid = Awesome 
Plaid = Flannel 
Flannel = Awesome
Simple math.

Also... William Wallace wore plaid.

Masai warriors in Kenya use their plaid to ward off lions when they aren't hunting them.

Oh, and plaid is Chuck Norris's favorite color. 


Flannel is the pinnacle of comfort and softness. This exquisite material is a soft woven fabric of various fineness. Flannel was originally made from carded wool  or worsted yarn, but is now often made from either wool or cotton.
Flannel may be brushed to create extra softness or remain unbrushed. The brushing process is done with a fine metal brush that rubs the fabric to create fine fibers from the loosely spun yarns. 

Translation: FREAKING SOFT.


Flannel is the perfect layer to your fall/winter wardrobe. With its loosely spun yarns, flannel is a naturally breathable and yet highly insulating fabric. Quality outdoor brands have known this for years. Check out North Face's flannel line. Lumber jacks have also always known this. Show me one lumber jack without a flannel shirt on. Exactly. 

Translation: Sweaty men, this is your ideal fabric. (also great for appropriately sweaty humans)


Trust me on this, ladies. FLANNEL IS ALWAYS "IN". You look fantastic in it. My fiance wore a flannel shirt the other day and I literally could not take my eyes off of her. (says the guy writing an article about flannel...)


Flannel is a highly versatile piece of your wardrobe. It has all the look of a nice button-down shirt, with all the comfort of your favorite pajamas. (which is also a totally appropriate use) You can roll up the sleeves to do some work, or tuck it in with khakis and head to the office.
Flannel also works great as a light jacket! Just put it over your favorite t-shirt and you're instantly warm and stylish.

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  1. Nicely compiled info Ryan...great job. Your #1 reason should be "it feels good when you touch it". This thought directed many wardrobe decisions when you were a child and I bet it isn't different now!!