Rustic Desk for $60

This table/desk is made completely of lumber from Lowe's. 2x4's create the base and 2x6's make up the top. In total I paid about $60 for the materials to make this: lumber, stain, and sealant. 
I distressed the wood using a chain, a chisel, a piece of 1x4 with screws drilled into it, and a hammer. The results looked pretty good for brand new kiln-dried lumber. 
All the joints are made with a Kreg Jig.  It makes pocket joints that are hidden from plain sight.  Not a legitimate replacement for a mortise and tendon joint, but a great option for many projects. 
In the bottom picture you can see the desk in a local consignment shop where I sold it. It was well worth the $60 investment.

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