Compassion Project EI-100

This is one of the few Compassion Projects that is based out of a school. It is based in a Christian school in Kolkata. Compassion has moved away from this model and now works only through churches, but this one was granfathered in.
This is the Project Director. An amazing woman with a passion to see children learn and grow.

They fed us an AMAZING Indian lunch. This is as close as we can get to eating like a local without getting sick. I ate a lot.

Two students performed a karate routine for us. Awesome.

We visited the home of Binesh, a Compassion sponsored child from this project. He lives in this 10x12 house with 6 other family members. You are basically looking at the whole house, except for a small kitchen to the side of this room. Five children sleep on that bed and the parents sleep on the concrete floor. 

Binesh's family is Hindu. On the wall to the left you can see the edge of a picture of Hindu gods. There are many more on the wall around the corner. 
Binesh and his family. 

 Here are a few of the LDP's who will (God-willing) be joining us this summer at Student Life.




Nehe and Ester

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