Compassion East India Office

Today our team visited the Eat India Compassion office in Kolkata.  We began our day by worshiping with them in their chapel service. It is always such a blessing to worship alongside brothers and sisters from foreign lands, singing in languages I don't know.  We sang in English, Hindi, and Bengali. 


 After worship and Roger sharing a word with them we got to hear from the Country Director.  I didn't get a good picture of him because I was too busy listening to every word he was saying. He was easily one of the most impressive individuals I have every met.  Also, his name was very long and very Indian, so I didn't get it.

Then we toured the office and met with people from every department. I have always been so impressed with Compassion's transparency and willingness to share openly about every aspect of the organization. 

 If you have a sponsored child in East India, your letter will go through these women's hands. 

District Manager


Complementary Programs Specialist


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  2. It is my great pleasure to know about the God's Ministry of Compassion East India through out the nation. Many are blessings and benefited what i believe. Wishes all the best to every one who have been dedicated in the mission.

    Kretofil Bhengra
    CEO,DCDP Sonitpur Assam India